Our process

We’re a group of dedicated bakers making world class baked goods without taking ourselves too seriously.

Made from scratch

The process of producing a Marmalade loaf actually began when Dave our master baker began growing his “mother” (or pre-ferment) which is a vital part of the sourdough process. The mother like the bread, contains flour and water and naturally occurring yeast and getting it to the dough phase requires time, patience and care. It is a delicate process, moisture and temperature are closely monitored to optimise activity in the starter to make the tastiest bread loaf.

Once the mother is ready it is combined with organic flour, water and salt, this happens the day before the bread goes onto our shelves. The bread undergoes what is called a bulk ferment where all the flour in the bread mix is brought to life. The mix is then shaped into loves and then proved in our fridge. Finally, Dave comes in at 2am (yes, 2am) to get baking to make sure you have the freshest, best bread we can make. We think it's worth the work.

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